New Schedule

Bobcat Families –

After we announced our make up days for weather, the state department of education offered the opportunity to change our calendar to count instructional time rather than instructional on-site days. 

Therefore, we revamped our calendar, received a supportive vote from our staff and school board of education, and received approval from the state board of education. 

Our new plan is to add 28 instructional minutes to each day beginning March 4th.  If we do not have any more weather day cancellations, our last day of school will be Friday, May 24th

The High School and Middle School will begin at 7:45 with the first bell ringing at 7:41.  Late start Monday will begin at 8:20 with the first bell ringing at 8:16.  Students will be dismissed each day at 3:24.

Elementary and Intermediate School will begin at 8:00 and students will be dismissed at 3:33.

To recap, these changes will take place on Monday March 4th and will be in effect until Friday, May 24th.