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What We're Learning

Divisibility Rule Poetry

Every good student who goes to school,
Needs to know every divisibility rule.

1     If it's a whole number, you're done,
       It's divisible by one.

2     If it's even, it's true
       It's divisible by two.

3     Add the digits to see
       If it's divisible by three.

4     Divide the last two digits by four,
       And you'll get four for sure.

5     If it ends with five or zero,
       It makes five a hero.

6     If you got two and three
       You get six for free!

9     Add the digits, that's fine
       To check on the nine.

10   A zero at the end
       And we'll feel good about ten.

Memorize each and every single rule,
And you'll feel even better about coming to school.

Daily Schedule

  • 1st Period (8:00-8:45)-    Literacy

  • 2nd Period (8:54-9:39)-   Plan

  • 3rd Period (9:43-10:28)-  Literacy

  • Recess/Lunch (10:28-11:04)

  • 4th Period (11:04-11:49)- Math

  • 5th Period (11:53-12:38)- Math

  • 6th Period (12:42-1:27)-   Due Process

  • 7th Period (1:31-2:16)-     Literacy

  • 8th Period (2:20-3:04)-     Literacy

I am available to conference 2nd Period and 6th Period.

Educational Websites

Khan Academy

Kahn Academy

I have a coaching account on the Kahn Academy website. I will be adding material to this weekly to give students an extra opportunity to practice their math skills and check for understanding. Please have your child create a student account in my classroom to help them with this. 

Students can join my class with a class code.
They need to:

  1. Sign up at (or log in with their existing accounts)

  2. Visit

  3. There, in the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code MU3V9S