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Divisibility Rule Poetry

Every good student who goes to school,
Needs to know every divisibility rule.

1     If it's a whole number, you're done,
       It's divisible by one.

2     If it's even, it's true
       It's divisible by two.

3     Add the digits to see
       If it's divisible by three.

4     Divide the last two digits by four,
       And you'll get four for sure.

5     If it ends with five or zero,
       It makes five a hero.

6     If you got two and three
       You get six for free!

9     Add the digits, that's fine
       To check on the nine.

10   A zero at the end
       And we'll feel good about ten.

Memorize each and every single rule,
And you'll feel even better about coming to school.

Ciera Woodruff

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